I have been collecting medical antiques for over 40 years and I invite you to see some of the finest medical antiques and art ever produced. Wonderful Medical, Apothecary, Dental, and Quack images of artifacts and art from my collection and from around the world are described in the ANTIQUE CHAPTERS at the right with additional PICTURES to the left. At the top of this page is an index with a shortcut to information of great value to collectors, historians, and to all healthcare providers. In the Resources section is a written presentation of everything you need to know about collecting medical antiques followed by a comprehensive *VIDEO*. A unique and extensive list of medical definitions and quotes of general interest may also be found here. In the Links section is a list of destinations for those who wish to learn more about the history of medicine along with the names and addresses of dealers and collectors. There is a panoramic view of my collection at the bottom of this page.

      You may also communicate with other collectors and those interested in the history of medicine in the Forum page where you may ask questions and learn from others. Here you may offer your instruments for sale or look for that illusive rare antique (at no charge and without cost to seller or buyer).                                                                                Please contact me if you have anything unusual or extraordinary to sell (see wish list). I would be happy to provide information regarding your antique (before 1900) artifact. Send a picture to my email address at bobgreenspan2000@aol.com, or text your picture to me at (703) 927-1868.

                                          ROBERT E. GREENSPAN MD, FACP


     I give Lectures on the history of medicine to medical students, faculty, and to a large variety of organizations. My most popular talk is entitled "Useful Medical History for the Modern Physician" with a *VIDEO* and an outline here: http://medicalhistoryandart.com/lectures.php.  Please contact me if you might like me to speak on the history of medicine at your medical school or to any other group. 

==================================================                                                                                                                        Most of the antiques and works of art in this site may be seen in my book "Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art": http://medicalhistoryandart.com. You may order a personally signed copy for $50.00 with US postage included. Just "Contact Me" at the upper right of this page. 


      For collectors, dealers, and historians I have a FaceBook Group where you can post your historical questions and articles as well as advertise your antiques for sale (nothing after 1930 please).  

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