I have been collecting medical antiques for over 40 years and I invite you to see some of the finest instruments and art ever produced. Medical, apothecary, dental, and quack antiques from my collection and from around the world are individually pictured with a detailed description in The Antique Gallery at the right. At the top of this page are a number of links to information of great value to collectors, dealers, and historians (including quotes and definitions in the Resource section) while at the bottom of this page is a panoramic view of my collection. To visit that site, just click under the image or go to The Museum Room at the lower right where you may visit four separate pages which will give you a better view of my instruments (with enlargement and movement in any direction).

      You may also communicate with other collectors and those interested in the history of medicine in the Forum page where you may ask questions and learn from others. Here you may offer your instruments for sale or look for that illusive rare antique (at no charge and without cost to seller or buyer).                                                                                I would be happy to provide information on the nature or value of your instruments and of course please contact me if you have anything unusual or extraordinary to sell since I am always anxious to add to my collection (see wish list). Send me a picture by going to the Contact Me icon above right (and resend if you don't hear from me in 48 hours since you may be caught in a spam file).

      For collectors, dealers, and historians I have set up a FaceBook Group page where you can post your antiques to sell, buy, or add a historical note of interest. Just look for the "medical antiques" site.


     An understanding of the past is important to those who practice medicine today, so I give Lectures on the history of medicine to medical students, faculty, and to various medical organizations. The most popular talk is entitled "Useful Medical History for the Modern Physician" with an outline seen on the left of this link: http://medicalhistoryandart.com/lectures.php.  Please contact me if you might like me to give any of these talks or others on the history of medicine to your medical school class or group. 


      Most of the antiques and works of art in this site may be seen in my book "Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art": http://medicalhistoryandart.com. You may order a personally signed copy for $50.00 with US postage included while overseas postage will be by arrangement. Just "Contact Me" at the upper right of this page.                                             

                                         Robert E. Greenspan, MD, FACP

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