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I have been collecting medical antiques for over 50 years. The earliest, the finest and some of the most historically important Medical, Apothecary, Dental, and Quack artifacts, with most in my collection, are here illustrated in the Antique Chapters and in the Picture Galleries.
At the top of this page is an index with a shortcut to information of great value to collectors, historians, and all healthcare providers. The Resources section contains everything you need to know about collecting medical antiques with a comprehensive Video and an extensive review of definitions and quotes (both medical and nonmedical). In the Links section is a list of destinations for those who wish to learn more about the history of medicine along with the names and addresses of dealers and collectors.

The Doctor (1653)

by Gerard Dou



Whenever you shall be so unhappy as to fail in your Endeavours...

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Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know...

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Daily experience satisfies us that bloodletting has a most salutary...

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He must begin first in youth with good learning and exercise in thys...

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Vertigo, vomiting, stupidity, haemorrhage, loss of sense...

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It was only within the last several hundred years that the study...

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The cure itself is something horrible, grave, and perilous...

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Alas! How could I declare the weakness of a sense which in me ought to be...

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The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade, a calling, not ...

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The disgrace of medicine has been that colossal system...

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For there was never yet philosopher That could endure ...

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The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the...

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Please contact me if you have anything unusual or extraordinary to sell. I'm always looking for unusual and exhibition pieces along with those made prior to the 18th century: (see wish list). I would be happy to provide information regarding your antique. You may send a picture to me at bobgreenspan2000@aol.com or you may also leave me a message or text your picture to me at (703) 927-1868.

Those who are smart may not be wise.
Those who are rich may not be wealthy.
...but those who are wise are always wealthy.





I give lectures on the history of medicine to medical students, to a large number of organizations, and at the University of Maryland where I am a "senior lecturer" in the Department of History. My most popular talk is entitled "Useful Medical History for the Modern Physician" with another *VIDEO* and talk outlines here: http://collectmedicalantiques.com/lectures. Please contact me if you would like me to speak on the history of medicine at your medical school or to any other group.

Most of the antiques and works of art in this site may be seen in my book "Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art":
http://collectmedicalantiques.com/medicalhistoryandart. Copies may be easily found for sale from several Internet sources.

Facebook Group

For collectors, dealers, and historians I have a FaceBook Group where you can post your historical questions and articles as well as advertise your antiques for sale - nothing made after 1900 please, except for unusual quack items.

You may move around this room with your mouse or with your finger. Click on the room to redirect you to an enlargement in my FaceBook page and return here by clicking this address at the upper right. This is one room of four where I regularly host detailed interactive history tours of my collection for museum curators and medical school faculty when visiting the Washington, DC area.