Book Cover--Medicine: Perspectives in History and ArtThe history of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and quack medicine is told by physicians, patients, nurses, writers, poets, artists, and many others through their quotes, letters, and art in order to give readers a chance to understand what medicine was like from the beginning of recorded history. The great discoveries and controversies, as well as the blunders, deceptions, and tragedies are best appreciated in the words and illustrations of those who were there at the time.

"It is a winner: a slightly quirky, eclectic collection — of paintings, drawings, advertisements, photographs, quotes, anecdotes, history, observations, and comment — that portrays the trials and triumphs of the profession of medicine...a treasure...My compliments to the author; this is indeed much more than a coffee-table book...a book with a dedicated human touch — 'a little bit about history, and a lot about people'...a delight."

— The Journal of the American Medical Association
(Nov 1, 2006)
Markley H. Boyer, MD, DPhil, MPH
Tufts University School of Medicine

"...a beautifully illustrated stroll through the history of medicine...It is a coffee-table book that will be picked up, leafed through, and admired over and over again."

— The New England Journal of Medicine
(Dec 7, 2006)
Robert S. Schwartz, MD
Deputy Editor and Chief Book Review Editor

"...a superbly produced, lavishly illustrated volume on medicine and its presentation in history and art...This volume is a rich and eminently satisfying feast"

— ForeWord Magazine (Sept/Oct 2006)
Peter Skinner

"...One of the best books of this type that I have seen and I own four others...Rather than the usual dry recitation of dates and events, this book reads like a conversation and includes many interesting quotes. It is an unusual approach to the history of medicine that differs significantly from other large coffee-table books. Most of the illustrations have not appeared in other books of this nature...I highly recommend it as one of the best illustrated history of medicine books I have read."

— Robert E. Rakel, M.D.
Director of the History of Medicine Society
at the Baylor College of Medicine

  • More than 600 pages in coffee-table size.
  • 500 images of the finest medical art and instruments ever published now in museums and collections around the world — all in full-color.
  • Classic descriptions of disease by the greatest physicians in the history of medicine.
  • Inspiring heroes and detestable scoundrels.
  • Medicine in literature as related by Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Beethoven, and many others.
  • An extensive glossary of early medical terms.
  • The vast majority of these illustrations are previously unpublished.
  • Original 19th century daguerreotypes of procedures and diseases.

National Book of the Year Awards

Gold Medalist in the 'History' category, ForeWord Magazine

— ForeWord Magazine, 2007

Winner in the 'History' category

— National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards

Winner in the 'Best Gift Book' category

— 2006 Best Book Awards, USA Book News

Silver Medalist in the 'Coffee Table' category

— PMA Benjamin Franklin Awards, 2007

Bronze Medalist in both the 'History' and the 'Coffee Table' categories

— 2007 Independent Publisher "IPPY" Awards